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Electronic Emergency Medical Record

Your Emergency medical information is saved in a highly secured cloud storage and can be accessed in any healthcare facility in the world.

Biomedical Recording - BimRec

The most reliable Electronic Medical Record System

Just one time registration, your medical profile is available and accessible anywhere you are in the world. Including your emergency medical information

Enhanced with Fingerprint matching technology

In the case of a medical emergency (especially accident victims), a pre-registered patient can be identified by placing his or her finger on BimRec’s biometric device and all emergency information necessary to save his or her life will be available in less than 0.5 seconds (be it blood group, allergies, next of kin details and so on).

BimRec AI Insight: Can stop a disease before it even happens!

From your medical history and family line on our platform, advance artificial intelligence-powered algorithm can predict a possible hereditary disease and brink it to your doctor’s notice

Data driven insight

Imagine if the government can know the rate of malaria or any other disease in a certain region, this will help the government focus resources in the right areas. Based on the data on our platform, we can use advance data analysis tools to provide visual data insight on important health issues.

Our impact in Africa

Reducing mortality rate

Nobody will have to die anymore because the medical experts did not have access to timely medical information

Enhancing Healthcare with technology

We have set out to improve healthcare in Africa with technology by bringing innovative solutions to problems in the healthcare space in Africa.

Government will serve us better

Livrite data driven insight will help the government direct health resources to the area that need them the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data privacy is one of our must upheld standard. Your data is safe and securely saved on our cloud storage

As a patient registered on our platform, you have full control over your data. Your information is only available to an hospital based on your permission.

When you register, your fingerprint is matched with your medical profile, so in the case of an emergency, if the nearest hospital you are rushed to is BimRec enabled, they will have access to your emergency information by placing your thumb on a biometric scanner(blood group, blood type, allergies, next of kin, address, etc.). This saves your life even if you are unconscious and unknown.

Registration is completely free for all users.

We are adding hospitals to our database everyday. It is just a matter of time before the whole of Africa gets saturated with our platform

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