About 5million Africans die due to lack of timely emergency medical information

 And this fact only contributes to 80% of Death in the emergency department of african hospitals

Imagine if your Daughter or loved one got rushed to a Hospital because they have been involved in a ghastly motor accident and she needs instant and emergency medical help? Because every micro second wasted can be a determinant of life and death.

The doctors could’nt really do much because they don’t have any emergency information to save her life.

The story of BIMREC is born from years of increased mortality rates in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. From the problems experienced in the healthcare space: slow doctor-patient consultation initiation time, Information retrieval and sorting by clerks and medical emergencies.

Livrite Healthcare services

Livrite healthcare seeks to be the Epic systems of Africa. In the bid to solve these issues, Livrite Healthcare Services created BIMREC. A cloud-based system that serves as an EMR/EHR system to mitigate the time gap in doctor-patient consultation times, offering patient data readily available to medical institutions.