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This might save your life in the event of a medical Emergency

New Health-Tech Platform in Africa

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Livrite Offers:

Your Data is Highly secured

Google Cloud Advance Data Security

Data security is our number one priority. Our data security technology runs on google cloud advance data security which is one of the most secured platforms in the world. We guarantee that your information is safe

You have control over your data

Please note that we do not sell user data. We understand that healthcare data is very sensitive that is why guarantee that we do not sell user data. Please go through our privacy and policy page to learn more about data privacy.

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Our users reviews

Wow! this is an extremely Innovative solution! Solving a real problem in Healthcare. Livrite to the world!
Business Expert
The platform is very user friendly and easy to navigate. There is need for more work to be done though!
This has so much potential, from emergency medicine, to telemedicine, to EMR, to medical insight and more!
Livrite User
Livrite Bimrec

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