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Emergency medicine in Africa has always been inefficient and technologically outdated. We are confident that our solution will bring a tremendous improvement

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Support our innovative solution to improve healthcare in Africa


Thank you for taking the time to check this out. My name is Sam and I am the Co-founder of Livrite Healthcare and the team leader for this innovative project. We believe our solution will make a huge impact in Africa’s healthcare space by solving a very important problem.

According to the West Indian Medical Journal, over 600 people die at emergency centres in Nigerian hospitals annually (see report). Also, a study from the World Health Organization in 2016 shows that over one million patients die every year due to lack of timely medical information and misdiagnosis in hospitals.

Let me explain;

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Our vision for the future of Healthcare in Africa

We have dedicated our time and resources to providing solutions problems in the African healthcare space

Reduced Mortality Rate

Our solution helps to reduce the mortality rate of patients in Emergency cases, especially accident victims.

Patient Biometic Identification

As a patient, you do not have to wait long hours anymore. Health practitioners can easily retrieve your medical record using biometrics.


Emergency medical data

Your emergency medical data is readily available for faster access to healthcare when it is needed most.

Livrite Healthcare Services

Livrite Mobile App - [Coming soon]

Our Mobile application enables you to have access to quality healthcare on the go! Your donations will help us bring it alive.

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