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Improving Emergency Medicine: Access Medical Data Faster. Anywhere. Anytime

With, patients can keep track of their medical history from anywhere in the world. Doctors can have fast and easy access to necessary emergency medical data.

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Emergency medical database

Online storage of important medical data useful in emergency cases, especially accident victims.

Book Doctors Appointment

Do you need to talk to a doctor? Book a doctor appointment on the go and enjoy a seamless experience.

Patient Biometric Identification

Health practitioners can easily retrieve a patient's medical record using biometrics.

Health Insurance (coming soon)

We are providing access to affordable health insurance for you and your loved ones.

Livrite Fundraiser

You can helpus save lives!

By donating right now, you are creating a positive social impact and everyone on our platform who helps to stay alive owes their life to you.

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Livrite Dashboard

Our Core Solutions

Personal Health
Data Dashboard

Access to personal dashboard where you can monitor your core healthcare data (Blood Group, Allergies, Special Medical Conditions, etc.)

Medical Experts can have access to your emergency data via your biometrics (Facial Scan, Fingerprint).


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